Monday, 19 March 2018

10's Rugby

On March 10 2018 Amano Christian School went to Chengelo to play 10’s rugby against Mpelembe and Chengelo themselves.
Our first game was hard as the other team was a bit bigger which resulted in our team having a couple of injuries. However we had the speed and scored the first two tries in the first half. In the second half they came back hard and managed to score two tries as well, however they missed one of their conversions. So we won that game 14-12.
Out second game was against Chengelo who were very well prepared and due to some being injured they managed to score 3 tries taking that game 21-0. Nevertheless this put us in the final play-offs against Chengelo yet again. This time we played a lot more aggressive, some maybe too much aggressive. We pushed them hard, but they managed to score a try in the first half. In the final minutes of the second half we had them on the edge of their seats. For about 3 minutes we were just in front of their try line. Sadly we did not get the ball over the line when the final whistle blew. Thus Chengelo won that last game 5-0. Overall we came second out of three schools.
The guys may have become a bit tempered but generally there was a good sportsmanship between us all as we clapped for one another and cheer each other on. I personally just want to thank Mr Grove and Mr Johannes for their encouragements and medical support and just a final thanks to God that he kept us safe and made sure we had a fun day.  

The 'new' small pack struggled against Chengelo's giants

Ilunga on the attack. He was top scorer in the U19 category

The small pack working hard to keep stable

Cholwe's odd kicking routine!

Despite losing 5 - 0 the final was played in good spirit

U19G Netball Regionals

On Saturday the u19 girls' netball team traveled to Mpelembe to participate in the ISAZ Northern Region Qualifying Tournament. There were 8 schools in attendance, but the teams in our pool were Lechwe, Simba and Ndola Trust.

    Our first game was against Ndola Trust. Right at the beginning of the game we allowed them to score three goals and it took us a while to wake up. When we finally did wake up, we played fairly well except for some catching problems, movement and lost balls to wrong throwing positions. It was very tight, but unfortunately we lost that very important game 13 to 12.

    Next we had to play Lechwe. In this game, we were really lacking in defence. We were so disappointed by the first loss, that I think it affected how hard we worked in this game. We had some good moments of attack when we applied what we learned in training. But unfortunately for us, we also lost that game 12 to 9.

    So at this point, having lost two of the three games we knew we hadn't qualified to go for Nationals. But even so, we were encouraged to work hard in the last game.

    Our third and final game, at least we thought so, was against Simba. We went into this game thinking it would be easy but soon learned we would have to fight for the win. In the beginning, they started off strong. We also scored a couple but they soon followed suit. At half time the score was 6 all. We fought hard in the second half and soon got a good rhythm going. So in the end, we won that game 13 to 10.

    At this point we discovered we had to play for 5th and 6th position, just in case a team dropped out, so we would then get to go [to the nationals].

     Our final game was against Trident. We were a bit unsure and dissappointed going into this game, but one thing we knew for sure was that we wanted to win. From the get go we worked hard. The attack was in sink as it flowed smoothly, and the defence was at its peak of the day. I believe this was our best played game, and this was partly because Trident themselves, played 'proper' netball. We displayed good attacking moves and communication in this game, as we are usually a very mute team. We were feeling very good as we played this game and that can greatly be accredited to our very loud, encouraging and enthusiastic cheer squad on the sideline that consisted of some of our very own boys and a couple of girls as well who were allowed to come along and support. We won that game 13 to 8.

    Being mainly a 'new' team, I think we played well. Thank you to the team for playing well and working hard, to Mr and Mrs Grove for the coaching and in-between game talks and to God, for the beautiful weather and opportunity to play. But on behalf of the team: a big THANK YOU to the cheerleading squad that tirelessly kept us going through the day and kept us "INTERNATIONAL"! (Which was something that they kept shouting as they cheered)

    It was a lovely experience!

Report by G. Kampeni

Halayna and Caitlin defending well

Shooting pair of Naomi and Kathleen

Hard working centre quartet: fr-bk Rosemary, Thoko, Grace and Natalie

Trident game where things finally came together

Half time team talk Mrs Grove with the girls

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

U19G Regional Football

On Friday, the second of March, the under nineteen girls football team went for the 'regionals' at Lechwe. Our first game was against Nsansa. This game went well as we had good formation. We had many shots on goal, but missed all but one. We scored one goal in the second half.

Our second game was against Trident. They scored a penalty shot within the first few minutes of the first half which discouraged us. Our formation was bad in this game. Trident scored another goal in the second half which ended that game 2 – 0 for them.

Our last game was against Chengelo. We lost our formation in this game too and we weren’t passing very well. We did better in this game than against Trident but we let in one goal in the last few minutes of the second half. We had picked up a bit just before half time but after we got back on the field, we lost our teamwork again. The game ended 1 – 0 for Chengelo. 

I believe I can say that we honoured God with our attitudes even though it was tough sometimes. I want to thank the team for working so hard, Mrs Grove for coaching and training us, Mr Grove for driving us, but most of all God for a good day.

Rosemary working her skills

Kathleen throwing in

Bwalya shooting against Nsansa

Captain Naomi working hard

One of many shots at Nsansa's goal

U19B Regional Football

On Friday the 2nd of March the U19 boys' team went to Mpelembe School to play in the regional football tournament. There were 9 teams taking part in the tournament and they were divided into 2 pools. Pool A which had Mpelembe, Ndola Trust, Simba and Amano, and pool B which had Chengelo, Trident, Kalulushi, Lechwe and Nsansa.

Our first game of the day was against Ndola Trust. In this game both teams had many chances but neither team was able to convert those chances into goals, so despite it being quite an open game it finished 0-0. 

Our second game was against Simba. In this game we started off really lazily, we gave away the ball too cheaply and we weren’t really creating anything going forward. We conceded an early goal and that gave us a real kick up the backside and a quick reply from Chanda meant that we went in at half time with the scores at 1-1. After some strong words from Mr Kirk at half time we came back and bossed the second half scoring two more without any reply. The goals were scored by Musonda and Chanda. So we won that game 3-1.

Our last game was against Mpelembe. This was a difficult game, we lacked confidence and we weren’t really fighting in the first half. They bossed that half and we were lucky to only concede two goals. In the second half we fought much harder but in the end they out played us and beat us 4-0.
I want to thank the team for putting in the effort when it counted, and Mr Kirk and Mr Grove for coaching us and driving us. I also want to thank God that we had a good time and that there were very few injuries.

Report by S. Kirk

Team talk together with Mr Kirk

Amano's Ilunga attacking Simba with Chandalala supporting

Defending a free kick for Ndola

Graham was a good substitute at left back, playing for his first time at U19 level

Attacking corner against Simba

Cross Country

On Saturday the 24th February the under 16 girls ran cross country that was held here at Amano. There were five schools who participated; Simba, Lechwe,Ndola trust,Lifesong and Amano. We ran 5km. There were 7 in my team, we came out in first place and got gold medals and the trophy. I really thank the team for their hard work and perseverance and everyone who supported us. And above all GOD who kept us safe and for a good weather. Mr Grove, thank you for organising it all.
Thank you so much.
Report by R. Nawakwi

Primary gearing up for the start

Off to a flying start!

There were some U11's 'fun running' for Amano

Kukenga giving a helping hand

Amano hosted the ISAZ Cross-country competition on Saturday 24th February, and 7 of the older boys ran in the open category.
We competed against 4 schools which were: Lifesong [non-ISAZ guests], Ndola Trust, Lechwe and Simba.
Our team did really well on that day as they all ran hard and did their best. So out of everyone that was competing we came out 2nd out of the 5 schools, with Lifesong taking 1st by a long way with 21 points, but from the ISAZ schools, Amano came out 1st with 38 points, followed by Simba with 85 points and finally Lechwe with 135 points. The girls also came out 1st with 51 points.
I would like to thank the team for putting in a lot of effort, some running with colds, which I am sure was not easy. I would also like to thank Mr Grove for organising the whole thing and ultimately I would like to thank God for the good day and that everything went well without anyone getting seriously injured.
Thank you very much.  
Report by C. Muleya

It was hard work for some...
... but not for others!

Stuart and Mrs Walker helping at the PTA stall

Amano's U13's, U16's and U19's all came out first over all this year. The U13 boys had a tough day and of course everybody was undone by our guests Lifesong, but there was good depth in the teams and it was great to see so many involved with the new team structure. "Well done everyone". Our thanks also goes to our neighbour for allowing us access to her farm, "Thank you".
Mr Grove

The U19's and U16's get underway

Musonda blazing through undeterred

Some pick their way round others brave the water

Part of the beautiful forest at the 3km mark

Rosemary (c) ran a stunning race beating all girls and many boys

Thoko braving the slippery rocks and roots

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Family Service

Sunday the 18th of February saw the first Family Worship service for the year.
Pupils, staff and parents alike were invited and there were over 200 in attendance on the day. A  Praise band led by Mr Bachman and other staff of Amano enhanced the worship and praise. The children provided a lively accompaniment to ‘I’ve got the Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy’ and this was reflected in their enthusiastic performance of the song.  Mr J.J. Zhou spoke about his involvement in the work amongst the Chinese community and showed a presentation about the Chinese New Year drawing a contrast  between this celebration and the lives of the children of Israel. An offering was taken to support a new project amongst the community. A Sunday School led by Mrs Kirk and a team of helpers taught the children about sharing their joy with others. Mr M Pflaum spoke on Paul’s joy whilst in jail encouraging us to be joyful in all situations. Mr J. Furnish concluded the service with prayer, announcements and an invitation to enjoy a lunch together.
The next Family Service will be scheduled to take place on 25th March at 11.00.

Contributed by Mrs Reid 


The 'joyful accompaniment'

The praise group

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

A Great Time of Fellowship

17 February was a busy day for the Boys and Girls Dorms. The morning began with some indoor football for the boys with the girls watching and cheering. After football we all enjoyed a nice lunch in the hall. Following lunch, the children were lined up and marched to the Girls Dorm for a Surprise Birthday Party for Asia that was hosted by her parents. At 1500 the boys returned to the Girls Dorm where we all joined together for a braii and movie night. The children played games while the food was being prepared. After supper we watched “Left Behind,” starring Kirk Cameron. Mr. Kamanga closed the evening with a short message from God’s Word and a prayer. Fun was had by all. 

Reported by Miss Jackie