Thursday, 5 April 2018

Primary Tag Rugby

U11 Mixed Tag Rugby

On Saturday the U11 mixed team played tag rugby. There were three other schools. Unfortunately we could only play one school, which was Chengelo. We did not get to play Simba or Musenga because they did not bring an U11 team.

The first game was against staff. We drew 5-5. The tries were scored by Richard and Twiza, who scored one each, and Laura who scored three. The next game was against Chengelo. We were tired from our previous game, we were a lot younger than the staff, but Chengelo only beat us by two tries. The score was 9-7. Richard, Laura, Yamikani and a few others scored our tries. Our final game was against Chengelo again. The score was 8-5 to them. Kathleen, Richard and Laura scored the tries

Overall we came second out of two schools. We were given prizes at the end. I would like to thank my team- Hayden, Laura, Megan, Twiza, Richard, Linda, Kathleen, Papa and Yamikani, who played their hardest. I’d also like to thank Mrs.Wardle for being our coach, as well as for Mrs.Kirk and Mr.Kapalaula and especially God for a great day Thank you.

Report by Tiffany Fergusson

Phillip and the G7 girls training the students from Musenga Basic School

U13 Boys Tag Rugby 

On Saturday the 24th of March the Amano U13 team played tag rugby here at Amano with four teams. We played Musenga Basic first. They kept making mistakes like passing forward and just throwing it up when they got tagged. As it was their first time playing the game, I can understand why they made these mistakes!

We had a strong defence formation and a good attacking one too, by half time we were leading by three tries to zero and by the end of the game we had won four  zero. We shook hands and we were done with the game.

The next game we played the staff team. We started the game and before we knew it we had been scored against by the staff.  By half time, we were losing three zero and I told the team if we want to win we need a stronger attacking formation and a defence formation so they did what I said and we started gaining points but they were not enough and we ended up losing that game by five  points to four. I won’t say it was a big loss but I’m happy we were able to get some points back. The next game we played against  Chengelo. The game felt quick, we scored tries and we also got scored, and by half time it was four all. In the last few seconds, Chengelo surprisingly managed to score a try and we lost 6 tries to 5.

We were really tired and the next game was against Simba. By half time we were losing 3 tries to 6. It got worse in the second half and the match ended with us losing 8 tries to 4.
I would like to thank the team and God for not letting us get injured.

report by Ng’onga Chalwe

Ng'onga running for the line

U13 Girls Tag Rugby
At the tag rugby tournament on Saturday, an U13 girls’ team played 4 matches. In our first game we played Musenga Basic, it was an easy game so we beat Musenga 6 tries to 0. Our next game was the staff team we lost that game 5-4. Then came Chengelo which was challenging but we won that game 3-2. After Chengelo it was Simba, now u13 girls Simba complained a lot as they thought the Ref wasn’t  being fair, but either way we still won that game. Although we did get slow and annoyed so we let them get 2 tries, we won that game 6-2. 

The people who scored tries were Natasha.c Sara and Kukenga who each scored 5 tries, Chawa who scored 3 tries, Giselle and myself who scored 1 each.

I would like to thank Cholwe for extra coaching, the team for all their hard work, the Tag Rugby Trust, Samuel, Philip, Musonda, Ilunga and Mwansa for refereeing, mostly God for his protection.

Report by Annie Mutembu

Tiffany with good team support

Thursday, 29 March 2018

Grade 3 Field Trip to Kasompe Airfield.

On Tuesday the Grade three children had the opportunity to go and visit Kasompe Airfield as part of their school topic on Transport. Mr Wardle drove the mini-bus full of very excited pupils. On arrival Mr Pflaum explained the safety aspects of being in the Airfield and then proceeded to take on his role as pilot of the light aircraft. He took time to explain all the parts of the aircraft and how they worked, to a very attentive group of children. Mr Wardle then transported them in the minibus to a vantage point where the children could watch Mr Pflaum fly round a circuit overhead.  It was a very impressive sight and the children were enthralled.  After a safe landing and parking up of the aircraft, the children had the opportunity to go inside the cockpit of the aircraft much to their delight! They had the opportunity to park up the aircraft in the hanger. A great time was had by pupils and staff alike.

Reported by: Mrs Reid

Reflections on our visit by Grade 3 pupils

I enjoyed seeing Mr Pflaum flying the plane around the airfield because it was interesting to see how he could fly a plane.

~ Robby

My favourite thing about our visit was going inside the cockpit of the plane and seeing the buttons and dials and how they were used to make a plane fly.

~ Clayton 

I liked finding out about the different parts of the aeroplane and how they worked.

~ Tiwezye

I enjoyed seeing Mr Pflaum flying the plane and then doing a left turn in the sky.

~ Mwaka.

Grade 3 Artwork Pictures

Monday, 26 March 2018

Youth Cook-Off

On the 18th of March we had the yearly “Cook-off “ between the girls and boys who are dorm students. It is for the 11th and 12th graders. So this year 4 girls where cooking against 6 boys. 

The Girls Team....

....and the Boys Team

Both could decide from a list of ingredients what they needed and to think about a recipe they wanted to cook. But there was a secret ingredient that the students had to include into their meal. This year's mystery ingredient was olives

After about two hours of preparing and cooking we had the following meals: 

The boys presented a South African beef stew, with cheese macaroni and an olive, garlic bread

The girls cooked lasagne with a Greek salad and some garlic-olive bread as well. 

The jury ate, talked and had some criteria to go by.
Miss Scott and Mr Kirk deliberating

Both meals were well cooked this year but the girls where the winning team. The trophy is a Rolling-pin! 

Contributed by Mrs Bachmann

Day Youth Group

Since the first Term of 2018 we started with a Day Youth Group at Amano.

We are meeting every Monday directly after school for fun activities, a message and some leisure time to play games, sit together and talk. So far every week students are coming between 8th and 12th grade. It is fun to get to know each other out of the school setting. 

Monday, 19 March 2018

10's Rugby

On March 10 2018 Amano Christian School went to Chengelo to play 10’s rugby against Mpelembe and Chengelo themselves.
Our first game was hard as the other team was a bit bigger which resulted in our team having a couple of injuries. However we had the speed and scored the first two tries in the first half. In the second half they came back hard and managed to score two tries as well, however they missed one of their conversions. So we won that game 14-12.
Out second game was against Chengelo who were very well prepared and due to some being injured they managed to score 3 tries taking that game 21-0. Nevertheless this put us in the final play-offs against Chengelo yet again. This time we played a lot more aggressive, some maybe too much aggressive. We pushed them hard, but they managed to score a try in the first half. In the final minutes of the second half we had them on the edge of their seats. For about 3 minutes we were just in front of their try line. Sadly we did not get the ball over the line when the final whistle blew. Thus Chengelo won that last game 5-0. Overall we came second out of three schools.
The guys may have become a bit tempered but generally there was a good sportsmanship between us all as we clapped for one another and cheer each other on. I personally just want to thank Mr Grove and Mr Johannes for their encouragements and medical support and just a final thanks to God that he kept us safe and made sure we had a fun day.  

The 'new' small pack struggled against Chengelo's giants

Ilunga on the attack. He was top scorer in the U19 category

The small pack working hard to keep stable

Cholwe's odd kicking routine!

Despite losing 5 - 0 the final was played in good spirit

U19G Netball Regionals

On Saturday the u19 girls' netball team traveled to Mpelembe to participate in the ISAZ Northern Region Qualifying Tournament. There were 8 schools in attendance, but the teams in our pool were Lechwe, Simba and Ndola Trust.

    Our first game was against Ndola Trust. Right at the beginning of the game we allowed them to score three goals and it took us a while to wake up. When we finally did wake up, we played fairly well except for some catching problems, movement and lost balls to wrong throwing positions. It was very tight, but unfortunately we lost that very important game 13 to 12.

    Next we had to play Lechwe. In this game, we were really lacking in defence. We were so disappointed by the first loss, that I think it affected how hard we worked in this game. We had some good moments of attack when we applied what we learned in training. But unfortunately for us, we also lost that game 12 to 9.

    So at this point, having lost two of the three games we knew we hadn't qualified to go for Nationals. But even so, we were encouraged to work hard in the last game.

    Our third and final game, at least we thought so, was against Simba. We went into this game thinking it would be easy but soon learned we would have to fight for the win. In the beginning, they started off strong. We also scored a couple but they soon followed suit. At half time the score was 6 all. We fought hard in the second half and soon got a good rhythm going. So in the end, we won that game 13 to 10.

    At this point we discovered we had to play for 5th and 6th position, just in case a team dropped out, so we would then get to go [to the nationals].

     Our final game was against Trident. We were a bit unsure and dissappointed going into this game, but one thing we knew for sure was that we wanted to win. From the get go we worked hard. The attack was in sink as it flowed smoothly, and the defence was at its peak of the day. I believe this was our best played game, and this was partly because Trident themselves, played 'proper' netball. We displayed good attacking moves and communication in this game, as we are usually a very mute team. We were feeling very good as we played this game and that can greatly be accredited to our very loud, encouraging and enthusiastic cheer squad on the sideline that consisted of some of our very own boys and a couple of girls as well who were allowed to come along and support. We won that game 13 to 8.

    Being mainly a 'new' team, I think we played well. Thank you to the team for playing well and working hard, to Mr and Mrs Grove for the coaching and in-between game talks and to God, for the beautiful weather and opportunity to play. But on behalf of the team: a big THANK YOU to the cheerleading squad that tirelessly kept us going through the day and kept us "INTERNATIONAL"! (Which was something that they kept shouting as they cheered)

    It was a lovely experience!

Report by G. Kampeni

Halayna and Caitlin defending well

Shooting pair of Naomi and Kathleen

Hard working centre quartet: fr-bk Rosemary, Thoko, Grace and Natalie

Trident game where things finally came together

Half time team talk Mrs Grove with the girls

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

U19G Regional Football

On Friday, the second of March, the under nineteen girls football team went for the 'regionals' at Lechwe. Our first game was against Nsansa. This game went well as we had good formation. We had many shots on goal, but missed all but one. We scored one goal in the second half.

Our second game was against Trident. They scored a penalty shot within the first few minutes of the first half which discouraged us. Our formation was bad in this game. Trident scored another goal in the second half which ended that game 2 – 0 for them.

Our last game was against Chengelo. We lost our formation in this game too and we weren’t passing very well. We did better in this game than against Trident but we let in one goal in the last few minutes of the second half. We had picked up a bit just before half time but after we got back on the field, we lost our teamwork again. The game ended 1 – 0 for Chengelo. 

I believe I can say that we honoured God with our attitudes even though it was tough sometimes. I want to thank the team for working so hard, Mrs Grove for coaching and training us, Mr Grove for driving us, but most of all God for a good day.

Rosemary working her skills

Kathleen throwing in

Bwalya shooting against Nsansa

Captain Naomi working hard

One of many shots at Nsansa's goal