Sunday, 7 October 2018

Visit to Mapalo School

On 24th September grades 6&7 visited Mapalo – a community school in the township of Kapisha in Chingola. When we arrived it was shocking because there were a lot of children in the classes and there were only 3 classrooms. The children were very excited to see us and they were surprised as they didn’t know we were coming!


Sharing a Gospel tract

Teaching them was hard because they weren’t concentrating the whole time but as we continued it got more interesting. We had taken phonic word building activities, which we had previously made at Amano, maths activities and simple reading books.

We also took lots of copies of the gospel booklet ‘God loves me’ which we explained and gave one to each child. After this we sang some songs.

Learning the Alphabet

The largest classroom

When it was time to go, the time was delayed because we continued singing songs. Finally we finished singing which was sad, we said our goodbyes and then we left. But, they ran after the bus until we got to the main road.

It was a good experience and it showed how privileged we are at Amano.
by Lena and Annie (Grade 7 students)

Friday, 5 October 2018

U19 GIrls Basketball

  On Saturday, an U19 Girls’ Basketball team was quickly put together because Konkola did not turn up and  Mr Grove felt the need to give Mpelembe a game after travelling all the way.

  Our first game was against Mpelembe. In this game we worked well as a team and managed to win it 10 to 4.

  Our second game was also against Mpelembe but this time it was only a friendly game. We manipulated space well and worked together. We also won that game 6 to 2.

  Our final game was against Trident, I believe it was a friendly. In this game we were good at penetrating their defence but it was a tight game, a close call. Fortunately for us, we won that game 4 to 3.

   I think we played very well, not just because we won all our games, but also because we played as well as we did without any preparation. I would like to thank Stacey, Mwaya, Natalie, Kuwunda, Rosemary and Naomi for willingly stepping up and performing so well. Thank you to everyone who had a hand in organising the day and running it smoothly, to Mr Jarrett and Mr Kapalaula for coaching, to everyone who cheered us on and most of all to God for a day well spent. Thank you.

Report by G. Kampeni

On Saturday, the 22nd, I was helping keep score for volleyball and Mr Grove walks up to me and said, “Get changed, you’re playing.” So the girls ended up playing three games of volleyball against Mpelembe, Trident, and Kalulushi [as a team had failed to show up]. I believe we beat Kalulushi with 2 sets to 1, lost to Trident with 15 points to 8, but we only played one set, and lost to Mpelembe at 2 sets to 1. 

I think we really need to work on communication so we don’t end up all running towards the ball or no one running towards the ball! One thing that was quite hard to cope with was the wind, but we couldn’t really do anything about it. I want to thank the team for working hard together even though we only got together 5 minutes before we actually started to play, and I want to say a special thank you to our relatively new players like Kuwunda. Thank you for being willing to play hard. I would also like to thank those who help to organize this event and especially God for the day and that it went well.

Report by N. Ronald

Sakeji Tournament - Volleyball

   On Friday the first of June, the under 15 girls played three games of volleyball in the afternoon.

   The 1st game was against Mpelembe and we lost that game 2 sets to 0.

   The 2nd game was against Nchanga Trust School. Compared to the last game, our communication improved and people became more confident to hit the ball. In that game we still lost 2 sets to 1.

   In the 3rd game we played against Sakeji. There were some good sets and passes but we still lost that game 2 sets to 0.

   Although we came last, we pretty much had a team which was made up of all new players who were learning and played for their first time competitively. We did fairly well as a team and had lots of fun.

Report by N. Grove

Thursday, 2 August 2018

How can you get better at reading?

By reading!

This term, during the last lesson on Friday, Grade 7 pupils have been ‘buddy’ reading with Grade3 pupils. This involves each G7 listening to their ‘buddy’ read and asking questions about the storyline. G7 have also been trained to encourage their G3 to use expression and follow punctuation. Following that the G7 pupil reads a book chosen by their G3 ‘buddy’.

Here is a selection of the children’s comments:

‘I have fun because I learn more about reading books.’ (Mwaka G3)

‘My buddy has been helping me to read with expression and to be fluent in my reading’ (Robby G3)

‘It connects us to the G3s, we are an influence to them and make them better readers. I have learned that if I became a teacher, I wouldn’t be very patient with them and would quit within a week.’  (Chawa G7)

‘I enjoy reading to them and letting them listen to the story out loud’ (Adam G7)

‘Reading with a G7 helps me to read new words that I haven’t heard before. My buddy asks me questions and it helps me to remember what’s happening in the story.’ (Takhondwa G3)

‘I’m helping my buddy learn how to read hard words and I‘m helping her to learn how to read faster than she used to and how to read with expression. (Palak G7)

‘It helps me to listen and understand the book properly. Whenever I do something wrong my buddy helps me.’ (Charlie G3)

Here is a selection of 'buddy' pictures:

Contributed by Mrs Kirk

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

U19 Boys Hockey 7's

On the 19th of May the under 19 boys traveled to Ndola to play hockey. There were five teams including Amano. We began the day by entertaining Trident at this point of time both teams were not fully awake and so the game was played at a slow tempo with many fouls given from both teams, both teams had chances to break the dead lock and both teams did not take their chances so the game ended In a goalless draw.

L-R Musonda, Mwansa and Philip scoring in the Lechwe game comeback

Our second game was against Lechwe and in the early moments of the game we let them score two soft goals due to some mistakes in defence, which was a wake up call to the team. We started attacking and our efforts paid off with Mwansa and Philip scoring in the first half. In the second half the story was the same as we attacked and they defended. Near the end of the half Musonda scored the winning goal the final score was 3-2 to Amano.

Musonda diving to try score.

Our third game was against Chengelo the game was played at high intensity with both teams attacking. Dalitso, our goalkeeper, kept us in this game with some outstanding saves so at half time the scores were 0-0. The second half was similar, but we had more of the ball and so through some good moments we managed to create some space which we took advantage of leading to a goal that was scored by Musonda. The final score was 1-0 to Amano.

Captain Ilunga clearing to start another attack

Our last game was played against the host, Simba. We started the game on a high note with Amano having more ball possession and more attempts on goal but somehow Simba managed to shift the ball from one wing to anther so quickly that the defence could not keep up, leading to a goal. We needed a quick response to that goal to keep us motivated and the strikers linked up with Philip charging at the opponents, then crossing the ball to the far post were the ball found Mwansa and Musonda waiting with a combined effort from the brothers the ball found itself at the back of the goal, so we drew that game 1-1 which meant we came out in second place. I would like to commend Conglin and Dalitso on their outstanding performance and their contribution to the team. I would also want thank God for the protection during the games and after during our travels back to school.  

Dalitso did a sterling job in goal

Report by I. Lukanga

U19 Girls Hockey - Simba

On Saturday the under 19 girls team went to play hockey at Simba. We played four games in total, the first being against Lechwe. We really were not prepared for this game and they scored within the first few minutes of the game starting. During the second half of the game they scored again ending that game 2-0 for them. We had no communication and we were trying to attack down the middle of the field.

Naomi making the tackle

  The second game was against Simba and unfortunately this game ended 3-0 for them because of, again, lack of communication and good passing. After the game we rearranged the players, so we did a little better against Chengelo, although that game still ended 2-0 for them. 

Thoko stopped many attempts as goalkeeper

The last game was against Trident. During the first half we had quite a number of chances to shoot and finally Rosemary put one into the goal. During the second half though, we let in two goals ending that game 2-1 to Trident.

Halayna, Naomi and Thoko defending a short corner

I want to thank the team for working hard especially in the last two games, also Rosemary for scoring the only goal that day and Thoko for saving so many shots on goal. I also want to thank Mr Grove for driving us and coaching us for the last game and Diana for cheering us on! I also want to thank God for a good and fun day.  

Report by N. Ronald

Monday, 4 June 2018

The May Fair

This year's Amano May Fair took place on Friday 25th May. Here are some comments by some of the Primary School pupils:
Grade 1
Allen - The Water slide was scary. I splashed the teacher.
Lucas - I went on a big horse.

Grade 2
Emily -  At the May Fair I got my face painted as an Ice princess and I got to get a pony ride. I ate a cupcake and I was playing on the jumping castle. 
James -Our stall did a quiz and you could win a prize. I was at the May Fair. I won a prize from the grade 6’s stall, it was a sweet. I liked the wire art stall.
Layla - I was on the water slide. I put the tail on the kangaroo. I won a prize and it was K5. I was on the wood and I hit Iman with the pillow. I was helping Evie with her stalls.
Michaela - I saw my friends. We won prizes. I saw lots people. I put the tail on the kangaroo. I did tug of war and our team won. I bought some candy. I did a pillow fight with Layla.  But I won.
Chimwemwe - I was playing at the May fair, jumping and eating then I was helping Miss Sichula. I was part of the tug of war, our team was third.

Grade 3
Chilekwa - At the May Fair I was on the waterslide. I got wet and I splashed. I wore French clothes. We all played tug of war. 
Mwaka - At the May Fair there were games and sweets to win and my favourite thing was riding a horse I think her name was Pegasus. I won Lots of prizes the prizes were Fizzers and Lollipops. My brothers stall Egypt his stall was nice I should know I played there.    
Takhondwa - The staff and secondary, primary had stalls. The staff’s stall was selling cupcakes and samosas and chickens and drinks. There were amazing things you can win and buy. There was a water slide and pillow fighting and face painting. All kinds of stalls. The theme was countries from the world cup.

Grade 4
Abel - The May Fair was very fun. First I played pillow fight with my best friend.  Then I went for penalty shooting it was very fun.  In the pillow fight I won the first round against Chuzi.  Then I ate a very sour lollipop before I ate lunch. My lunch was a beef samosa and it tasted very spicy and I saw my mother working and she looked very busy. After that we played a football match it was kids against grown-ups, the match was very fun.  Then me and my family went home.   
Chloe - Most of the stalls were colourful some had sweets and some plants and some had models and there was a rhino, rabbit, sheep, giraffe, gecko playing a drum, hippo, buffalo, owl, and an elephant and they were all made out of little beads and they looked a bit real. I loved the band and the band played stand and sing of Zambia. And there was candy floss and it was sweet. The water slide was fast, slippery and wet. I entered in a pillow fight with Marlene and I won I was very happy.

Grade 5
Aiesha - The May Fair was an amazing day. We had anything you can imagine. We had games, face painting, a waterslide, a marching band, food and drinks and much more. It was on a Friday 25th May 2018. Each grade got a chance to win a trophy for running the best stall. Every child did give their best thoughts and effort into helping their stall. Our stall {grade 5} was about Egypt we had games like guess the right coordinates and stand a chance to win an amazing pyramid cake or a trophy. The waterslide was from the top of the ant hill to the ground. It started at 9:00am and ended at 3:00pm. In the end it was an amazing day and I can’t till the next one in 2019!    
Linda - On the 25th of May 2018 was May Fair at Amano Christian School. It was fun because there was a water slide and many other things like tip water on the teacher or key fishing. I enjoyed the water slide the most. The waterslide was on an anthill. On it there was a tarpaulin which many children slid down. You could put soap on so that you could go faster. There also was a water fight which I enjoyed. Our stall was about Egypt. Had two different games. One you had to throw a ball, when you hit a pot you got the things which are inside there. The second game was about finding the right coordinates on a map of Egypt to win a prize.