Friday, 9 December 2016

U16 boys Volleyball

On Saturday, the third of December, the under sixteen boys played volleyball against Lechwe and Simba schools here at Amano.  The first game we played was against Lechwe and we started out alright.  Our play was a bit sloppy, but we still managed to get a good lead of about 6 points.  But we gave the serve away and allowed them to catch up and only managed to win that set by a few points.  In the second set we played pretty terribly and gave it away completely.  We lost that set something like 15 to 9.  The third set was much better but still a bit sloppy.  There were lots of times when we were just volleying the ball over the net rather than spiking properly.  We got better towards the end though and managed to win that set as well, meaning that we won the game two sets to one.

Amano v Lechwe - Jackson attacking

Jackson, Samuel and Mthunzi blocking

   Our other game which was against Simba started out quite badly.  Our communication was poor, half of our passes were hopeless, and some of us still didn’t seem to be able to smash so we lost that set quite quickly [9 - 15].  The next set was the complete opposite of the first one.  We talked more, our passes were more accurate and we got in some good hits and so we won that set by a big gap, I’ve forgotten exactly how big [15 - 7].  The third set started out with us gaining a lead of 5 to 0.  But then we gave the serve away and before long we were losing 7 to 5. Still, we managed to win the serve back and play some good volleyball
and win that set by a few points, which means we also won that match two sets to one.  I’d like to commend a few of the players for good performance.  Eun Taec was doing some excellent blocking. Yarel was doing some very good serving and recoveries, and Mthunzi, it seems, learned to spike quite well just over the course of the morning.  I’d like to thank Mr Grove for umpiring the games, the team for playing well and doing their best, and everyone who was there to support us and cheer us on.  I’d also like to thank Mr Grove for selecting me as a captain.  It was a great privilege to represent the school in that way.

Report by Jackson Reed

"It was good to see this team do well. Two older players formed the U19 team which competed well at the U19 tournament but narrowly missed victories so it is good to see that age for age they were very competitive and won the day! A team well led by Jackson and great work from Samuel who consistently gave some great sets and support to his captain. Excellent work boys." - Mr Grove

Monday, 24 October 2016

The Wood Workshop

The following are paragraphs and thoughts lifted from reports Grades 6 & 7 wrote following an educational visit.   Mrs Kirk

On Wednesday 28th September 2016 at around 8:15am grades 6+7 were invited to the Amano workshop. We all set off on our little adventure that took about 5 minutes to get to. When we arrived we greeted the carpenters: Mr Kelvin and Mr David.

Mr. David and Mr. Kelvin showed us everything they used to make their woodwork look so perfect, like the joiner, bevel machine, sander, planer and the circular saw. There were all types of beautiful woodwork furniture that they had already made like a bed and many chairs, but they were working on a luxurious door.

Everywhere you walked there was wood and sawdust. They showed us how they get rid of it, it’s really cool, there is a pipe that’s sucks it out and drops it outside.

It was really noisy because of all the machines. That is why they used ear plugs. It also had a strong wood and dust smell.

Despite the loud noise it was really interesting.

When we were done with our tour we were allowed to get off-cuts (scrap) and keep them. Some got big pieces of wood and halved them to share with others – I shared mine with Keysha. Others even sanded theirs to make them smooth, I was one of them.

After picking, all the G 6+7s were at a machine; some are sanding their off cuts to try to make it smooth, some use the bevel machine to make the edges smooth, others use the circular saw to cut the off cuts into thinner pieces and a few are by the planer to trim the off cuts.

But I had some other plans for my wood. I was going to carve my name out of it and decorate it and do different types of creative things like picture frames and many more things. I really liked it and I hope we can come back again.

The two men were very kind because even though they had work to do they still cut and sanded wood for us. 

We all had great fun, but sadly it couldn’t last forever. Eventually we had to go back to class, taking the bits and pieces we got as souvenirs to remember this life learning experience, I know that whenever I look at my pieces of wood I will remember today. We all hope to go back there again.  

It was over all too soon, but we had a good time and by the end most of us were inspired to become carpenters.

Monday, 3 October 2016

U19B Volleyball and Basketball

On Friday the 23rd of September the U19 teams went to Chengelo to play basketball and volleyball.

On Friday a little while after we arrived we played our first volleyball game against Lechwe. We were very slow to start and lost the first set too quickly and despite a strong push in the second set we lost 2 sets to 0. Our second game was against Ndola Trust and although we think the refereeing was questionable we played our hardest and lost 2-1. [The boys did extremely well mentally in this game as they had to win three set points to win the second set as the referee kept changing his mind and reserving the point after having awarded the point to Amano! The third set also went down to the wire. SG] Our third game was against Nsansa and after our game against Ndola we were rather disheartened and lost the first set too easily. During the second set we really tried but we could not get the game back and we lost 2-0. Our results meant that we played the 7th place game which was against Simba. We won the second set after losing the first but we slept in the last set and lost it. So we came out 8th overall.

Philip attacking from deep

The next day we played our Basketball games. Our first game was against Simba and after good first half we were tied 4-4.  The second half was a close contest and Simba barely beat us 13-10. Our second game was Lechwe and we were out to win, but we let them get into our heads and I especially played horribly and we lost 28-6. We would have played the 5th place game but our opponents Ndola trust forfeited the game so we won by default.

Amano countering with Ilunga

Overall the trip was not as bad as those score lines suggest, especially since we had a much smaller team than last year. We also probably played our best volleyball during the competition. I want to thank the team for trying their hardest despite the tough score lines. I also want to thank Mr Grove and Mr Jarrett for coaching and supporting us.

ISAZ Girls Provincial Basketball

On Saturday the 23rd September we went to Chengelo School to compete in the ISAZ provincial basketball games. We played four games, which were round robin games, so that meant we didn’t play in pools but round-robin scheduling arranges to have all teams play each other, with the winner emerging from the total points gained.

So we played Lechwe, Chengelo, Ndola Trust, and Mpelembe.

Our first game was against Lechwe, where we played well and beat them 14-12, because of good team work and a good attitude. Our second game was against Ndola Trust and this was our first time playing them this year and we did not let them beat us and they had a good team but we beat them 10-8. Our second last game was against Chengelo, our rivals, and this year I can say we played really well compared to the last year. We put in our best effort and although we lost that game 9-13 we had played exceptionally well as a team and made some beautiful baskets. Our last and final game was against Mpelembe ,this game was tough and we under estimated them. and this time they came fired up and ready to beat us ,so at the end of the match we were equalised and so we had 3 minutes extra time and we managed to score 2 more goals and then we won that game 8-6.

Amano (white) v Chengelo: Josiah warding off another attack

All I can say that this was a great basketball season and we emerged at second place out of 5 schools. We had a lot of fun, great sportsmanship amazing layups ,fabulous foul shots and beautiful defence line. Our women of the match were Natalya Yoro, Kathleen Kaufman, Fernulla Milner and Rosemary Nawakwi. Big thanks to the team for all the effort and applying all we learnt into the game, sportsmanship and for their great spirit of fighting till the end and to Mr Jarrett for coaching us and Mr Grove, Miss Simone and the boys for supporting and cheering us up and God for the safe trip, good health and his love and mercy.

Monday, 26 September 2016

Girls ISAZ Basketball

On Saturday the 17th September, 2016 ,we the Amano girls basketball team, went to Lechwe School to compete in the ISAZ basketball tournament of the Zone 1. We only played two games instead of three because Kalulushi did not bring a girls basketball team. Our first game was against Lechwe, we played well as a team, had fun and enjoyed our time playing the game and also did our best ,so we won that game 11-7.

Amano (white) v Mpelembe: Kathleen's jump shooting

Our second and last game was against Mpelembe. We really played extremely well and did a lot better in that game because we applied all the tactics taught to us by Mr Jarrett and the best thing was we did not give up and we also won that game 17-6. We pushed through both games and did exceptional well. A big thanks to the team, for not giving up but pushing and fighting till the end. We really improved and played well compared to the previous week and we turned our weaknesses into strengths. Some examples of these are that we had amazing lay ups, fabulous foul shots, great defence and a good sportsmanship portrayed on the day, our only weakness was not looking up before we passed, when dribbling and shooting. The woman of the match on the day was Josiah Muteb. Many thanks and appreciation to Mr Jarrett for coaching us and not giving up on us, Mr Grove and Mrs Grove, Mr and Mrs Kirk for supporting us, encouraging us to do better and helping us to learn from our mistakes but a big 'thanks' to our God for the lovely day, the games and the good health he gave to us. 

Report by Natasha Chiombe

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

U19 Boys Volleyball

On Saturday 10th September 2016, we went to Lechwe to play volleyball but it was a friendly. We played games up to 25 points and it was a best of three sets competition.
The first we played was very good because we were communicating well and we were well organised, so we won that set 25-17.
The second set was another story, we lost focus and we didn’t communicate as well, we also gave away easy points so we lost that set 25-19.
We then went to the third set which decided who won the volleyball match but the team had switched off and we stopped communicating and we became disorganised and so we lost that set 25-20.
Overall, we came out second out of two schools! I would like to thank the new members of the team: Jackson, Mthunzi, Mwansa, Musonda, Samuel and Philip for working hard and I would also like to thank the old member of the team, Ilunga.

Mthunzi against old boy Jean

I would like to thank Mr Grove for putting the team together and I would like to thank God for making it a good and successful day. Thank you very much.

Report by Cholwe Muleya

Monday, 19 September 2016

U19 Boys Basketball

On Saturday the 10th of September the U19 boys went to Lechwe to play Basketball. Since only Lechwe and ourselves were there, we played 1 slightly longer game. We played 4 quarters of 8 minutes. The first quarter was ok and Cholwe scored our first basket of the new season and by the end of the half we were losing 4-2. We continued to play well in the second quarter but we found ourselves losing 6-4. In the 3rd quarter we made a few sloppy mistakes and we were losing 12-6. But during the last quarter we really fought back, but we could not overturn their lead so we lost the game 14-8. Our baskets were scored by Cholwe, Jackson and Ilunga. Despite our loss I was not too disappointed with the result as it is a completely different team to last year. I want to thank Mr Grove for taking us and the whole team for trying their hardest despite the end result.

Amano v Lechwe
Report by Samuel Kirk