Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Camping under the stars

Once again the boarding students were invited to sleep out under the stars. All who were able, came to have a long night of fun, and in the end a little sleep. The first activity was to design and adapt a 3kg tin into a stove which is done in the afternoon before going off to find firewood. Some decided to 'steal' extra materials for their stove and so suffered disqualification at the contest. A pair of grade 12s no less!

Mwansa... I think

Having taken firewood to the site and run back for supper, a tasty pancake fajita type meal, the real business could start. The stove competition of "beauty and brains" was a close call between Asia and Naomi's bougainvillea adorned tin pot and Cholwe and Jackson's well banged out deep fat fryer. Philip and Taonga won a prize for innovation trying to incorporate a handle into the design with rubber coating to boot. However trials the following day showed rubber to be very combustible!

Getting ready for bed

First event on the cards was orienteering which even in daylight can be a challenge but at night can be very disorienting! The 'Expendables' did a 20 minute circle to find number 6, their first control point (supposedly an easy one) and ended back at the rock where they had started. The map reader having informed his team to cross a stream and then a river to reach 6 promptly did just that, but "Where O Cholwe, is the torrent?" However despite the poor start they managed to win in the end with 21 points. Hot on their heels were Take Off and Major Lazers who came very close to finding that elusive number 3. Thinking the disused road had ended they turned around not realising they were but 20 m from the big 6 pointer, which was just the other side of the encroaching heather. However to find 7 out of 8 points, in the dark, on your first orienteering exercise, is very good going and no team did poorly.

Rosemary busy stove building

Following those successes we ditched a 'Mission Impossible' game, due to time, and moved onto 'Capture the Flag'. As time was running out we did a small set up to encourage confrontation and attacking play. Sure enough, soon there were yelps and screams and cackles of laughter as raiding parties attacked and defenders ambushed one another. Small kids got picked off by three seniors without mercy, a 'Scarlet Pimpernel' emerged as Conglin walked his way into the opposition's camp unchecked, twice, and Mr Kapalaula's rhino charge was very amusing to follow as he bounced off saplings and bamboos in a bid to escape, blundering in the dark, till he was literally upended by a clothes lining vine! Great fun, even if no winner emerged, though the yellow team was later found to be cheating with a dummy flag! Probably Diana's idea.

I think the egg is supposed to be on the stove Mr K!

To finish off the night we sat round the fire with marshmallows and had a devotion on Luke's account of the sign of Jonah and the rejection of Christ. With the previous week packed with spiritual input the challenge to be 'hearers AND doers' was made again.

Time for breakfast! A very short 'sleep' later and it was time to get the stoves going. Fried eggs, bacon and toast was on the menu with some pancake mix for afters and some Coca-cola to wash it all down. Breakfast this way is very slow and a lot of maintenance is required to keep fires going but strangely satisfying when you are done. With heavy dew the challenge of starting a fire with one match can be tricky. Preparation is the key coupled with a lot of care and attention. Everyone did very well with many older timers showing refined skills.

Still smiling, can't be all that bad eh, Denise?

Sadly everything good ends very quickly and the next challenge was to be back a school ready for the Sunday service. Conglin's greatest challenge was to begin... could he stay awake?

My thanks to Mrs Haynes and Mrs Kaumba (girls dorm parents) for coming along so willingly and it was great to have some visitors with us who joined in.

Report by Mr Grove

Friday, 16 June 2017

U19 Boys Hockey

Saturday the under 19 boys went to Simba International School to play hockey against three other schools. Unfortunately Chengelo were not able to make it due to transport difficulties, but Simba managed to organise a second team so we played against Simba A, Simba B and Lechwe School.
Our first match was against Simba A and this was a wake up call for us because we weren’t really that organised as a team, and so they managed to score an easy goal in the first half of the game, in the second half we became more active and we started communicating as well as playing well as a team and we managed to play the ball into spaces quickly, but Simba A was a slightly better team than us and they managed to score another goal and so we lost that game 2-0.
Cholwe working the left side against Simba B

 Our second match was against Simba B and this game was a little different because we went in mentally prepared as well as physically, we were communicating well as a team and we were getting the ball up at the oppositions' goal with some ease but we switched off for a bit and because of this Simba B managed to score an easy goal and so at half time the score was 1-0 to Simba B. In the second half we decided to pull up our socks and play at the intensity that we did in the first half and shortly after the second half started we managed to equalise with Xavier scoring the goal, in the end the game ended as a draw with the scores 1-1.

Our third and final match was against Lechwe and this was a tough game but we managed to dominate and score 2 goals in the first half and then they also scored 1, so by half time the scores were 2-1. In the second half we went to sleep and so they managed to score an equalising goal, that is when everything went south because our attitude changed and we stopped communicating and working together as a team, so as a result we ended up losing that game 5-2.

Ilunga having to defend against a formidable opponent!

I would like to thank Xavier, our youngest player who managed to score two goals for the team and I would like to thank everyone who came to support us, Mr Grove for coaching us and God for granting us a good day. I would also like to apologise to Mr Grove about the attitude that we had in our last game.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

U16 Girls Hockey at Simba

Caitlin attacking Simba's defence
On Saturday the 20th of May , the under 16 girls went to Simba to play hockey. We were scheduled to play Chengelo and Simba but unfortunately, Chengelo could not make it. In the place of Chengelo , Simba managed to put together another team and so we were set to play Simba ‘A’ and Simba ‘B’.
  Our first game was against Simba ‘B’. We managed to score a goal in the first minutes of the game. They followed that up with two goals and so by half time they were leading 2 to 1. In the second half we slacked on defence and we had slow passes.
We lost that game 4 - 1.
Many u14's like Keysha made up the U16 team
  Our second game was against Simba ’A’. In this game, we improved a lot in both attack and defence. This gave us majority possession of the ball. We had better passes, a good use of space and good communication. We managed to score a goal and they managed to score two. Therefore at half time, they were  leading with 2 to 1. In the second half we managed to score [from a short corner] but it wasn’t counted [as the ball never exited the circle]. So we lost that game 2 to 1.

  Overall, we came out third. I think we played fairly well for a new team. I would like to commend the team for their great effort, Mr and Mrs Grove for coaching us, everyone who cheered us on and above all, God for a great day and protection.

Report by G. Kampeni

Monday, 12 June 2017

U19 Girls Hockey at Simba

The Amano Christian School under 19 girls hockey team went to Simba on the 20th of May. We were supposed to play against three teams: Chengelo, Simba, and Lechwe; but unfortunately Chengelo did not make it. Therefore we only played two matches. 

Our first match was against Lechwe. I would say that we were not very competent of the hockey rules and playing positions that were allotted. This unpreparedness gave way to two goals for Lechwe. However, we composed ourselves more in the second half and had a better knowledge of what to do. This resulted in the scoring of two goals, both by Diana. The end outcome of the game was a tie: 2-2.

Diana scoring against Lechwe

We had quite a long rest before playing Simba, which was our final game. Our defence was fairly good and we did not concede any goals. On the other hand, we did not score either. I would say that their defence was a strong line but we did have a few shots on goal and if someone had been cherry picking at the corner of the goal, we might have got a couple in. Nevertheless, it was a good game with good teamwork and effort.

Everyone put in their best effort but I would be inclined to say that Tenjiwe Mwanza, a resilient defender, played exceptionally well.

Tenjiwe, Wami and Tina representing Amano very well

I would like to thank everyone for their efforts and the hard work you put in. It was a good day on the whole, and God can be thanked for that.

Report by S. Ronald

Saturday, 8 April 2017

U13 Girls Football at Simba

On Saturday 25th March 2017 the u13 girls went for soccer at Simba International School Ndola. The games started at 9.30 hrs. Our first game was against Mountainside. The few minutes at the beginning were okay but the team had pressure and were nervous. It didn’t stop us attacking, defending and striking but we ended the first half 0-0. We gained more confidence in the second half and shot more but unfortunately neither team scored so we drew ha game 0-0.
U13 Girls Football Team

The second game was against Simba. We tired and we lost the captain who was the striker so we gave Simba a chance to keep the ball at our goal. They managed to score. Changes were made at half time so we did better but right before the end of the game Simba squeezed in a goal and we lost that game 2-0.

Our third game was against Mukenzie. We did really well and in the first few minutes we scored 2 goals. In the second half we scored 2 more goals. The last goal was not clear because Amano shot, the Mukenzie keeper tried to catch the ball but hit it into her goal and we scored. So we won that game 5-0.

Overall we came 2nd out of 4 schools. We persevered and pushed through the pain.
Thanks for the support of parents, students and coaches.

Report by Bwalya Mubanga

U11 Girls Football at Simba

On Saturday 25th of March, the U11 girls went to Simba to play football.Our first game was against Simba. It was tough because they were strong.Simba scored first , but then we had a come back and scored by Kukenga.In the second half Simba scored again, but then we had another come back and scored by Natasha C. It was a lucky goal for her because the goalie wasn't watching! That made us draw 2 - 2.

Our next game was against Mukenzi. These girls were brutal but in a way, easy. I don't know which half of the game we scored but Kukenga did it.We won 1 - 0.

U11 Girls Football Team

Our last game was against Mountainside. The girls were even more brutal.They kicked, slapped, tripped and they pushed. Almost everyone got hurt.Mountainside scored in one of the halves. That made them win 1 - 0. This game we had a harsh referee but we had to deal with it. The other two games were nice because the referee was lovely.

Overall Amano U11 girls came second. A big thanks to Mrs Kirk and Mr Kapalaula for coaching and encouraging us. I also thank God for not so bad injuries and for safe travels. Finally thank you team for trying so hard.

Report by Laura Grove